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SUBHAS BOSE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT is the global reference in education, innovation and consulting for the hospitality and service sector.

With expertise dating back to 1999, SBIHM Group now offers a wide range of leading educational programs from Diploma to Master’s degrees, as well as professional and executive education, on two campuses in different places in Kolkata.
True to its values and committed to building a sustainable world, SBIHM Group’s purpose is to provide education services and working environments that are people-centred and open to the world.


The Subhas Bose institute of Hotel Management specialises in providing Hotel and Hospitality management degrees with a pure hospitality focus and aims with internationally recognised study programmes, highly respected Faculty members drawn from all over the world, state of the art infrastructure, modern facilities strong partnerships with in the hospitality industry and the close proximity of SBIHM to many of the best hotels in the world. SBIHM truly is at THE HEART OF HOSPITALITY.

Director Voice

Ever since its inception, the Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management has led the Hotel, Hospitality , Hospital, Tourism sector with teaching and generating new knowledge for this industry and forming a meaningful relationships with industry leaders. As an epitome of modern education, we lay emphasis on 'learning' in the truest sense of the term. The modern world is undergoing a profound transition predominantly shaped by globalization, economic change and industrialization. This transformation, in turn, possess new challenges for the students or more specifically for the future leaders which requires a strong commitment in their work, courage, sincerity and above all an enthusiasm to create a better world. Our new age learning system guides our students towards the affluent path, so that the spirit of professionalism can be instilled in them. In keeping with this view in mind, our courses have been designed with a scientific approach and with the present market needs which will give birth to tomorrow's global citizens who will never have to run after success; rather success will try to catch them. I, therefore, would like to Welcome you all and Congratulate everyone responsible for the overall achievement so far and hope that together we will be able to touch the horizon one day.

Ms. B Sarkar

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Student experience and employability

  • Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management has full-time career advisors based in our Employability Hub. This means that students are always able to receive advice on vital employability matters such as placements, internships, job applications and interview techniques.
  • Teaching quality assessments rate our teaching very high across a wide range of subjects and official research assessments confirm our reputation as a centre for world- class research in many disciplines.
  • The Triple Crown accredited status of Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management recognizes academic quality as an integrated international approach and a well-developed business engagement strategy.
  • SBIHM is Best Management College –(Infrastructure & Facilities) awarded by ABP News National Education Awards 2017.
  • International Gold Star Awards 2018, Bangkok awarded by Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand Mr. Kon Kun Dabbaransi and Princess Isabelle Lafforguem, France.
  • SBIHM Best Hospitality Management Institute in India awarded by Kapil Dev.
  • SBIHM Best Hospitality Management Institute in West Bengal awarded by Maser Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.
  • Best College of Hospital Management, West Bengal Rank 1, Times of India.
  • Premier Management college in West Bengal, Zee 24 Ghanta.
  • International Education award 2022 awarded by Sunil Gavaskar.
  • India's Most Prominent Food & Hospitality award 2022 award by Chef Ranveer Brar.
  • Best HM College Awarded by Brettlee, Australia.

Our Alumni