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The Ultimate Guidebook on Master Degree in Hotel Management from The Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata SBIHM

A Master degree in hotel management can build a very successful career for one hotel management aspirant in the hotel & hospitality industry. A master degree is an amalgamation of some fundamental, technical and skills related to hotel management that can sharpen the skills of the hotel management students. But it is important to pursue the master degree course in hotel management from a well-reputed and recognized hotel management college. Let’s have a glance at the master degree in hotel management for the students of Kolkata who want to complete the course from one of the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata.

  • What is the Master Degree Course in Hotel Management?

Master degree in hotel management is a 2 years course. A candidate can pursue the master’s degree course after completion of his/her graduation in hotel management. A certificate master degree from a recognized college helps the students to get more lucrative job opportunities in this industry.

The skills and knowledge gained from a master’s degree in hotel management course can hone the ability of the candidates, and eventually, help them to perform more effectively in the field of hotel & hospitality.   

The Master degree in hotel management offers a variety of topics and subjects for students to acquire knowledge. Housekeeping, Marketing, Hospitality, Catering, Food and Beverage, Finance, and Security are among the subjects covered in the Master of Hotel Management program, in most universities.

A Master’s degree provides a deeper understanding of the needs of the clients and the processes of running a successful firm.

An applicant should have good communication and organizational skills in addition to a master’s degree in their portfolio because the main purpose of the course is to make candidates assure visitors’ happiness.

  • Eligibility: –

A Bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management from a recognized university is the minimal prerequisite for pursuing a master’s program.

A candidate’s bachelor’s degree should have a minimum grade point average of 50%.

Some hotel management institutes provide admission to a master’s program based on their performance in the entrance exam, while others give admission to a bachelor’s program based on their performance in the entrance exam.

  • Course Details: –

Students pursuing a master’s degree in hotel management in India can take these courses:

  1. Master of Hotel Administration (MHM)
  2. Hotel Management MBA
  3. Tourism and Hotel Management Master’s Degree (MTHM)
  4. Hospitality Management MBA
  5. Master of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management
  6. MBA in Hospitality Management

Students having bachelor’s degrees can choose from a variety of master’s in Hotel Management (MHM) programs offered by India’s Hotel Management schools.

It allows you to gain advanced knowledge in the hospitality industry without only requiring a bachelor’s degree.

  • Subjects: –

The following topics/subjects are covered in a Master of Hotel Management program:

  1. Management Principles and Practices
  2. Accommodation Management Food and Beverage Management
  3. Fundamentals of Tourism and Tourism Products Marketing and Sales
  4. Strategic Planning
  5. Management of Nutrition and Dietetics
  6. Soft Skills and Communication
  7. Management of Human Resources
  8. Applied Operations Marketing Management Organizational Behaviour and Accommodation Management Research
  9. Management of Food and Beverage
  10. Design and Management of Food Science Financial Management Facilities
  11. System of the Hospitality Management Institute (MIS)
  • Job Opportunities: –

Students who complete a Master of Hotel Management program get access to a wide range of work options.

Employers prefer candidates with a master’s degree since it demonstrates the student’s breadth of knowledge in the hospitality business.

A candidate’s proper education and skill set ensures an employer that they are well-versed in the responsibilities of this industry and can assist their hotel in the future.

The following are some of the work opportunities for someone with an MHM degree:

  1. Sales Executive 
  2. Hospitality Executive
  3. Resort Manager
  4. Hotel Manager 
  5. Marketing Executive 
  6. Cabin Crew 
  7. Catering Officer
  • Choose SBIHM For Your Master Degree in Hotel Management: –

SBIHM is one of the top Hotel Management colleges in Kolkata. The premium category courses, offered by SBIHM can make a successful career for students in the arena of hotel & hospitality. 

Master degree in hospital management is a 2 years program at SBIHM. 

The program consists of four semesters of classroom education, practical activities, and internship opportunities. The first and second-semester curriculum provides in-depth knowledge of the principles of business administration, with a focus on the business environment, organizational theory, quantitative methods, and administrative computers.

Students are introduced to topics like hospital administration, information systems, and total quality management in the third and fourth semesters. These courses improve functional skills and broaden knowledge of the multi-faceted environment in which healthcare companies operate.

 Exposure to various types of hospitals with various ownership patterns, organizational architecture, services, and policy challenges is carefully considered.

Conclusion: –

Candidates who complete a master degree in hotel management can gain access to all of the necessary information and credentials to boost their professions.

A master’s degree not only helps you develop in your career but also prepares you for high-paying managerial positions.

A higher salary and a pleasant and creative work environment inspire individuals to work hard and advance in their careers while working in a hotel.

For the best career opportunities, candidates from Kolkata and eastern India can join a Master’s in hotel management at SBIHM.