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In the realm of Information Technology (IT) and Management, recognized as the top hotel management colleges in Kolkata, the industry is not only a global frontrunner but also a prolific job creator. This sector is currently experiencing substantial growth on a global scale, with India also witnessing a significant surge. This dynamic period in the IT and Management Industry promises unprecedented development, providing unmatched opportunities for professional advancement.

Simultaneously, Hospitality, characterized by amicable and generous guest treatment, extends its influence across diverse sectors such as Banking, Media, Hospitals, Hotels, Corporate, and various Management domains. Booming at a swift pace, this industry unveils a multitude of enticing career prospects that transcend cultural, social, and national boundaries. The demand for skilled professionals in various facets of the Hospitality sector significantly surpasses the existing supply.


At SBIHM, our mission orbits around empowering students for success in the ever-evolving landscapes of Information Technology (IT) and Management. We are dedicated to:

– Offering a student-centric education that transcends conventional learning, emphasizing practical skills and real-world applications.

– Nurturing comprehensive development by entrusting students with early resources and responsibilities, fostering personal and intellectual growth.

– Bridging the divide between academic knowledge and industry requisites, ensuring our graduates are well-equipped for the swiftly changing arenas of IT, Corporate Management, and Hospitality.

– Instilling a global mindset in students, preparing them to excel in all diverse and competitive professional terrains.


Our vision at SBIHM is to emerge as a globally acclaimed center of excellence in education, renowned for cultivating dynamic professionals in the domains of IT and Management. We aspire to:

– Create a learning environment that transcends cultural and national boundaries, providing students with diverse career prospects and exposure to international best practices.

– Shape individuals who not only excel in their chosen fields but can also contribute positively to society, upholding values of integrity, efficiency, simplicity, and hard work.

– Stand as the preferred destination for students aspiring to excel in the corporate world, fostering a legacy of global leadership and innovation.

– Continuously adapt our curriculum to align with international standards, incorporating practical, real-time experiences to ensure our graduates are industry-ready.

– Establish a community of sucessful alumnis who not only achieve professional success but also become ambassadors of positive change in their respective fields.

Our vision is to serve as a guiding light in education, steering students towards fulfilling and impactful careers, where they emerge as leaders and innovators in the realms of IT and Management.