Hotel Management College in Kolkata – How To Choose The Best?

SBIHM is the best hotel management college in Kolkata with different courses. All the courses are based on hotel and hospital management. Here, students can purse their education in under graduate and post graduate level also.

Most students find it difficult to choose a career path after finishing school. This becomes even trickier when one doesn’t know where to start.

Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata

If you’re trying to find the best hotel management college in Kolkata, there are lots of options that will make the task more confusing o choose the best hotel management institute in Kolkata. Here are some typical mistakes that you should avoid.

Not Doing Enough Research

You must do your homework. Before making the final decisions, you must gather as much information as possible. You might have just completed your secondary education and this is not the right time to stress about the next step to take.

Therefore doing the smart work is highly required if you’re in search of a good hotel management school in Kolkata. Believing in Myths and Rumors.

The difference between perception & reality is really fine. Before taking up a management course, you should know how real things work. Lots of interesting concepts pertaining to hotel industry have been doing the rounds for a long time.

There are many myths about hotel management institute in India. A student needs to know the real challenges of the field before joining the bandwagon.

Not Fixing Up a Consultation

So you’ve chosen a hotel management college in Kolkata after researching a lot? Now you have to fix up a consultation session with the College Board.  It can help you in understanding the course in a better way and set up your goals. In return, the college should help you in figuring out the preferred education pathway and course structure.

A quick tour of the college will give you an idea how your college days will be. You have to ensure that the college has the facilities such as IT facilities, computer labs, a well-stocked library with online and offline reading materials, a state-of-the-art kitchen, labs for practical learning and so on and so forth.

Hotel Management Admission

Lots of students select colleges where their friends are going for. Hotel management admission is not like that. Students should be aware about the college atmosphere. So that they can increase their scores and develop their minds.

This is not necessary for every student as every student comes up with different goals and ambitions of their own. Each students should check the hotel management courses.

However, before starting your search for a hotel management college in Kolkata, you must take your final decision to complete the course with utmost sincerity. Getting started with a course and quitting it midway is certainly a waste of money & time.

Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata

SBIHM is the best hotel management college in Kolkata. Also it is the best institute for hotel management courses. Take admission in hotel management now.

There are parameters based on which you can choose the best hotel management college in Kolkata. These are: Academics or Quality of Course Content.

When you’re selecting a college, you need to check the academics of it. Go through the course content and ensure that it is industry friendly.

Best Hotel Management College

If you’ve opted to study hotel management, choosing a good hotel management college is the paramount aspect of it. The options are plenty. But you need to choose the best hotel management college.

Here SBIHM is the best hotel management college for you.

There are plenty of hotel management courses in Kolkata but choosing the right course will decide where you will land. So find out the program that offers hands-on experience and internship opportunities.


Before joining the best hotel management college in Kolkata you should check the college is accredited nationally/internationally or not. For an academic qualification to have value it is important that the college is accredited nationally or internationally.

The accreditation ensures that the curriculum is on par with national standards. International collaborations and affiliations add further value to your degree.

Bachelor Degree in Hotel Management

A college like SBIHM gives you the chance to rub your shoulder with the best teacher of Kolkata. Faculties have the ability to shape a student’s career.

SBIHM also offers Bachelor degree in hotel management. Master degree in hotel management is available in SBIHM.

The faculty should have strong academic background coupled with relevant industry experience. This will help a student to learn both technical skills and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in their career.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Student-teacher ratio plays an important role in determining the quality of a college, especially when you expect assistance from your faculty. In smaller class groups it is possible for teacher to promote and encourage individual students.

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Admission in hotel management

Student also can get different scholarships with SBIHM courses.

Classrooms and Practical Labs

Given the hands on nature of hotel & hospitality industry, practical hours in a hotel management program are crucial.

Well-equipped classrooms and practical labs enhance the learning experience and ensure that a student learns to apply theoretical knowledge in a safe and hygienic environment.


The best way to check placement stats is by contacting alumni through social networking sites. It is also better to have a chat with the current students on campus and pay attention to their feedback.

Before taking admission to any of the hotel management institutes, you should ask ‘why I’m pursuing this course? Once you’ve found the answer, it will be very easier for you to get a hotel management admission in a college like SBIHM.

Admission in Hotel Management

For instance, if you desire to work as a chef in a reputed hotel after finishing the course then you should check some criteria mentioned below.

Apply now through online for admission.

  • The quality of food production laboratories at the best hotel management college in Kolkata
  • Number of alumni in kitchen across the world

The above two factors are really important for best hotel management college in Kolkata. Since you will spend more hours in practical classes than studying theory – the lab equipments & quality of the laboratories will play an important factor to rank the hotel industry.

SBIHM strives to offer consistent and relevant education in the field of hotel industry. You can develop the technical skills to get the job done. At SBIHM, you can get the opportunities to develop your skills and work alongside with industry partners. Read out about us in latest bengali news site.

Combination of modern teaching technologies and state of the art training labs with quality learning facilitators makes SBIHM a unique place in Kolkata to study hotel management.