Agni Basu

SBIHM taught me to live with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and to enrich the world with best services and to impoverish myself.

Anushree Ganguli

There is no higher religion than human service and SBIHM has enhanced my skills to work for the common good in hospitality sector and am proud to be a SBIHMite.

Dinesh Rana

Achievement in Hotel Industry was the only purpose of my life and I could gain that happiness by joining SBIHM.

Emakor Suchiang

Career can be built only if you choose the Right Institute to germinate and enhance your skills. Choosing SBIHM is the Right Decision for me and my parents and so I am enjoying my career throughout.

Jasheer Valiya

SBIHM does what it commits and our future was well secured in the hands of SBIHM, as the faculties were worth to be our mentors and our campus interviews switched us to the turning point of a career, which is continuously growing day by day.

Krishnendu Chakraborty

I am thankful to SBIHM for offering me such opportunity in the making of my career and am honoured in being the passed out of the best hotel management college in Kolkata.

Loknath Katel

I am supremely satisfied with my career as I achieved my dream of gaining the high position in the hospitality sector and it could be possible only after joining SBIHM.

Mohibul Hossain

Being a SBIHMite, I have been guided to focus entirely on my goal and so I acknowledge that SBIHM is solely responsible in my development and today what I am is all because of my college SBIHM.

Monisha SV

Self realization, self confidence and Self esteem has been taught to me and I am grateful to the faculties of SBIHM for framing my career.

Pankaj Murya

On getting campus placement for international opening, I believe I reached my height of Success and I thankfully say that SBIHM made my dream come true.