The Subhas Bose Institute of Hotel Management has a truly international environment with a history stretching back to 1999, it is one of the India’s leading Institute for all spheres of management studies under the SBIHM Group  which is  renowned for its research and teaching excellence.

Hotel, Hospitality, Hospital and  Tourism  Management are the institute’s largest departments, housed in a modern, newly-refurbished building. We are in the top one percent of Hotel, Hospitality , Hospital, Tourism management and business schools worldwide, having been awarded a Triple Crown accreditation from the three major international accreditation bodies – IAO, FHRAI and AIMA.

Student and staff numbers have increased alongside our academic reputation and all have benefited from our exceptional reputation for internationally-renowned research and innovative teaching.

SBIHM offers a low cost of living but a very high quality of life. Its proximity to the Peak District and position right at the centre of the city (Howrah by Bus is forty five minutes and Sealdah Station by Bus is half an hour) means that our students benefit from the best of both ends. It is a friendly, tolerant, safe and welcoming place where we are confident you will be very happy.

A thriving cultural scene and the availability of outdoor activities close to campus lead students to enjoy an active, varied life when they are not studying. However, the independent study is also a pleasant and rewarding experience in SBIHM.