Bachelor in Media Science

Since the last decade of twentieth century, there has been a tremendous growth in media Industry. With ever increasing competition among various television channels and newspapers, there is a continuous and never ending search for bright and promising personnel who are fully trained to meet the demand of this profession. This program aims to train students interested in a career in media.

Our Subjects

  • Development of Mass Communication
  • Laws & Ethics in Mass Communication
  • Print Journalism & Comparative Media
  • Basic Computer Application
  • Electronic Media: Planning & Production
  • Electronic Media: Writing, Editing & Execution
  • Press Photography
  • Environment & Ecology
  • Electronic Media: Writing, Editing & Execution Lab
  • Press Photography Lab
  • Electronic Media: Planning & Production Lab
  • Marketing in Mass Media
  • Stage Production & Direction Advertising
  • Film & Television: Theory & Practice
  • Information & Computer Technology
  • Film & Television: Theory & Practice Lab
  • Writing & Opinion Pieces
  • Public Relations
  • Film & Television: Theory & Practice
  • Study of Media Scene in India: Print & Cinema
  • Video Production
  • Media Management
  • Entrepreneurship in Media
  • Design & Page Make Up
  • Film & Television: Theory & Practice
  • Design & Page Make Up Lab
  • Media Research
  • Personality Development & Interview Skills


Journalism: ” Journalist” are not born, they are made and the demand for professionals with a sound theoretical background is ever increasing. This specialization prepares students for print, Electronic Media (both radio &Television ) and also Web Journalism.

Film: This specialization involves extensive theoretical and practical exposure in film studies starting from the 1st year students get ample exposure to plan and produce their own documentaries and short fiction, besides there is a mandatory screening class for each semester in sync with the syllabus. The students also participate in International Kolkata Film Festival every year.

Photography :The demand for photojournalists in today’s competitive world is soaring high. Professional photographers are regarded as exclusive class who with their skills can bring life to a picture. The esteemed faculties of this department prepare and guide the students for a specialization in photography.

Advertising & PR: Advertising & PR It is the forte where creative mind seeks its expression the most. This specialization has an indispensible role in the entire business community. Apart from syllabus teachings, students also have training exposure with leading event management companies.

Animation, Design & Page makeup It: Animation, Design & Page makeup It is in a word “Discovering the Art behind the Art”. Students can take animation as a specialization paper, though all students are familiarized with designing software like corel draw, flash and photoshop.