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The IT and Management Industry is the fastest growing, job creating industry in the world. In India too the industry is on a high roll. This is an exciting time for the IT and Management Industry a time that has recently seen unprecedented growth and opportunities for advancement.

With the Indian economy rising above all expectations, the service sector is poised to become the key money spinner in the future. The process has already started and its effect is evident in the growth of the Banking and Financial sector, The IT sector and above all in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. The career prospects in the IT and Corporate Industry are high paced and promises highly progressive growth in a wide range of areas.

The word ‘Hospitality’ means friendly and generous behavior towards guests. Apart from Bank, Media, Hospital, Hotel, Corporate and other Management sectors also come under Hospitality. It is booming at a rapid pace. This industry offers a myriad of exciting and per se career opportunities for people across all Cultural, Social and National Boundaries. The gap between demand and supply for Various Industry professionals is huge.

The IT and Management Industry is the world’s biggest employer, where you can enjoy professional life (work as long as you want) and when married enjoy a good life style. The modern economy offers a great variety of Employment possibilities. In this industry you can have a career as: Relationship Manager, Air Hostess, Faculty Teacher, Training Manager, Human Resource Manager, Sales & Marketing, PRO. You can also start your own business such as Interior Decorator, Housekeeping Service, Catering and Food outlets. It offers not only highly rewarding and satisfying jobs, but also life style and travel opportunities, irrespective of gender, nationality or ethnic and cultural background that no other industry can match. Hospitality Industry makes you self dependent & provides financial stability. Which helps you in broadening your intellectual and overall personality. Females being soft spoken and having and interest in cooking get lot of opportunity and satisfaction in this industry. The X-factors of patience, tolerance & humanity provides an extra edge over male counters part in hotel industry. Lastly it provides self belief & self pride in you for routing out myth that- “it’s a man’s world.”

“IT and Management leaders of Tomorrow” various Industry is the second largest in the world. The demands for skilled professionals in the industry is increasing not only in India but also throughout the world.

Here at SBIHM the curriculum is designed on the lines of global education and are conducted by highly qualified professionals from Kolkata and India are supported by intensive practical sessions real time, at the institute. In just about 3 years and with a degree from SBIHM, students launch themselves in this exciting industry where sky is the only limit and the work place is the country of their Individual choice.

SBIHM gives a wide International exposure…SBIHM is giving a golden opportunity to  its students for building their career through international qualification in IT and Business Management. This course has been designed specifically to prepare students for a global management career. Successful participants can expect employment in leading Hotels on higher education Abroad.