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SBIHM excels in delivering education tailored to meet the unique needs of students in the Indian hospitality sector while maintaining a global perspective on the industry. The institution always try to ensure that all students are well-prepared to face the current and future challenges in leadership within the hospitality sector. The primary arena for knowledge creation at SBIHM is the classroom, where faculty and students engage in intense interactions, exercises, and practices. This collaborative effort focuses on redefining, updating, and upgrading skills crucial for management careers and professional growth. SBIHM places a significant emphasis on instilling management values through extensive seminars, industrial training, industry interactions, role planning, specific skill training, and industry visits.

Common Teaching Approach at SBIHM:

Educator Expertise:

Lecturers & Professional mentors act as knowledgeable guides, bringing expertise to the learning process.

Traditional Instructional Boundaries:

The institution tries to embrace traditional teaching methodologies within its existing academic framework.

Lecture-Based Communication:

The communication style employs a lecture format, characterized by top-down delivery.

Directed Learning:

The teaching methodology labeled as "Directed Learning," emphasizing a structured approach. Helps Students identify and relate real world problems, and ways to solve it exquisitely.

High Academic Standards:

SBIHM maintains elevated academic performance standards to ensure a rigorous learning environment.

Imposed Academic Criteria:

Imposed Academic Criteria: Academic expectations are imposed on students to uphold a high level of educational achievement as per guidelines.

Predetermined Curriculum:

The curriculum is pre-set, requiring students to enroll in courses that may cover previously mastered skills.

The common method SBIHM teaching methodology
Teachers function as experts Teachers/Instructors As knowledge facilitators
Bound by traditional instructional approaches Innovative and diverse instructional approaches.
Lecture style top down communications Two way learning style
Directed learning Guided learning with the focus of what is and what can be
High academic performance standards High academic performance standards
Imposed upon students Guided and monitored by mentors.
Set curriculum, which require continuing Flexible curriculum tailored to student
Students to take courses in already mastered skills Learning and scheduling needs while maintaining high academic quality.