The strength of SBIHM is its ability to deliver education that meets the need of students within the Indian hospitality while at the same time keeping a global paradox of the hospitality industry . SBIHM prepare all its students to meet the global challenges in leadership of hospitality industry today or tomorrow. Most of the knowledge creation at SBIHM happens to be in the classrooms through intense interaction, exercises, practices between our faculties and students who all are redefining, updating, upgrading the skills in management careers and professional lives. SBIHM give thrust to learn the values of management through extensive application, industrial training, industry interface, role planning, specific skill training and industry visit.


The common method SBIHM teaching methodology
Teachers function as experts Teachers/Instructors As knowledge facilitators
Bound by traditional instructional approaches Innovative and diverse instructional approaches.
Lecture style top down communications Two way learning style
Directed learning Guided learning with the focus of what is and what can be
High academic performance standards High academic performance standards
Imposed upon students Guided and monitored by mentors.
Set curriculum, which require continuing Flexible curriculum tailored to student
Students to take courses in already mastered skills Learning and scheduling needs while maintaining high academic quality.