SUBHAS BOSE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT established in 1999, SBIHM Kolkata is in its 20th year of service to the student community. It remains the flagship brand of SBIHM and is recognized as one of the best Hotel and Business Management Institute in India. From the year 1999, SUBHAS BOSE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT goes beyond giving you a management degree. It prepares you for a high-flying career as a top corporate leader equipped with the wherewithal to occupy the very top echelons of the corporate world. Scores of SBIHM alumni already hold leadership positions the world over.

SBIHM has been consistently ranked amongst the top hospital management college in kolkata. With two brand new campuses and world class infrastructure at the greenly area of greater Kolkata. SBIHM provides a holistic environment for all around learning and development.

SUBHAS BOSE INSTITUTE OF HOTEL MANAGEMENT prides itself on being a student-centric institute. Students here are entrusted with resources and responsibilities early on. This facilitates their all-round development, over and above academic performance. The Students’ forum of SBIHM is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities on the Campus throughout the year.

SBIHM has developed unique learning initiatives which have come to be the hallmark of the institute. These initiatives are the outcome of a decades of experience in the field of management education. They have been developed with the help of faculty, who are in touch with the industry’s current needs and the active participation of the students themselves.

An SBIHM manager is equipped to lead, no matter where he goes. At SBIHM we create cognizant, competent and confident business leaders; individuals who will make a difference in their chosen field of work and the society they live in; professionals who will cherish and uphold the values of integrity, efficiency, simplicity and hard work.

For over a decades, SBIHM has been the chosen management destination for students aspiring for excellence in the corporate world. Excellent course content, highly qualified faculty and contemporary facilities combined with a unique education model, balancing unwavering career focus with holistic self development, are reasons why there is a SBIHM business leader in every corner of the globe.

SBIHM has been ranked Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata as well as in the country by ABP News, GHRDC and CSR study survey. Recruiters vie for the opportunity to pick from the perfect mix of business acumen and academic intellect that our students bring to the table.

The soft skills training provides strong practical orientation to the students and helps them in building and improving their skills in communication, the effective use of English, business correspondence, presentations, team building, leadership, time management, group discussions, interviews, and inter-personal skills and thereby making our institute the Best hotel management college in kolkata. This training also helps students in career visioning and planning, effective resume writing and dealing with placement consultants and head hunters.

The training in soft skills has two parts. One part involves developing attitudes and attributes, and the other part involves fine-tuning communication skills to express attitudes, ideas, and thoughts well. Crucial to successful work is the perfect integration of ideas and attitudes with appropriate communication skills in oral, written, and non-verbal areas. Attitudes and skills are integral to soft skills. Each one influences and complements the other.